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Once upon a time were a little brother and a little sister who loved each other with all their hearts. Their own mother, however, was dead, and they had a stepmother who was not kind to them. She secretly did everything she could to hurt them.

很久很久以前个小jj和小姑娘,十分恩爱。她们的妈妈已谢世,她们又拥有一个后妈 ,后妈待她们很不太好,经常背地里想尽办法凌虐她们 。

It so happened that the two of them were playing with other children in a meadow in front their house. There was a pond in the meadow that came up to one side of the house. The children ran around it, caught one another, and played a counting out game:

有一次,兄妹俩已经屋前的草地上和别的的小朋友们玩 ,草坪旁有一个蓄水池,蓄水池紧挨着房间。小朋友们围住圈里不断地跑啊,跳啊 ,做着数一数的手机游戏。

Eenie, meenie, let me live,and to you my bird I'll give.the little bird will bring me straw,the straw I'll give then to the cow.

“内克,贝克,饶了我 ,我将让你我的鸟儿;小鸟儿得给我寻草,饲草我用来喂奶牛;

For which the cow will give me milk,the milk I'll to the baker take.With which he then will bake a cake,the cake I'll then give to the cat.

奶牛儿喂草产牛乳,牛乳我赠给烘培师;烘培师帮我烤面包 ,吐司面包我用来喂小猫咪;

Little cat will catch some mice for that,the mice I'll hang up in the smoke,and after that I'll cut them up.

小猫咪得帮我逮老鼠 ,老鼠要熏在烟筒里,熏好的老鼠好细切 。”

While playing this game they stood in a circle, and the one to whom they were pointing when they said "cut them up" had to run away, and all the others would run after him and catch him. While they were thus running about so joyfully the stepmother was watching them from the window, and grew angry. Because she understood the art of witchcraft she bewitched them both, transforming the little brother into a fish, and the little sister into a lamb.

她们打游戏时站变成一圈,这一“细切”落入谁的的身上 ,谁就得立刻跑开,别的的人就要追他,逮到他。就在她们玩得正很欢时 ,后妈从对话框看到了,十分生气。因为她会法术,便念着符咒 ,把小jj变成了一条鱼,把妹子变成了一只小羊 。

The little fish swam back and forth in the pond and was sad, and the little lamb walked back and forth in the meadow and was sad, and would not eat. She would not even touch one blade of grass. Thus a long time passed, and then some strangers came as guests to the castle.

因此,鱼儿在鱼塘中游动 ,十分忧愁;小羊在草坪上跑来跑去,内心凄凉,分毫不愿喂草。就是这样很久 ,一些生客赶到古城堡里。


The treacherous stepmother thought, "Now is my chance," and called the cook and said to him, "Go and fetch the lamb from the meadow and slaughter it. We have nothing else for our guests."

恶毒的后妈想着:“如今现在机会来了! ”便叫来啦厨师说:“去草坪上把那只羊牵来宰了 ,咱也没有什么其他好产品来接待客人 。”

The cook went and got the little lamb, took her into the kitchen, and tied her feet together. She bore all this patiently. The cook then took out his knife and was whetting it on the doorstep in order to kill the little lamb when he saw how a little fish was swimming back and forth in the water in front of the gutter and looking up at him. This was the little brother, for when the little fish saw the cook take the little lamb away, he followed them, swimming along the pond as far as the house.

那厨师来到,把羊儿牵到餐厅厨房,绑住了她的四蹄。这一切 ,小羊听从地忍了。当厨师拔出来小刀,在台级上磨了磨,就要着手宰羊时 ,他看到了好像一条鱼群在往返地摆动,并抬起头望着他 。这鱼群便是 哪个小jj,由于他看到了厨师带去了那羔羊 ,它便尾伴随着从鱼塘游来到屋子里 。

Then the little lamb cried down to him:oh little brother in the lake,my sad heart is about to break.The cook, he makes his knife so sharp to stab it then into my heart.


The little fish answered:Oh little sister, way up there,my sad heart also soon will break,deep down here in this lake.

那鱼儿回答:“啊 ,那上边的小姑娘,我还在深深地的水面里,我心呀多忧愁。 ”

When the cook heard that the little lamb could speak, saying such sad words to the little fish down below, he was frightened and thought that this could not be an ordinary little lamb, but must have been bewitched by the wicked woman in the house.

厨师听见小羊会讲话 ,并且冲着下边的鱼儿说着那般凄凉得话 ,禁不住惊恐万状,知道这只羊不太可能是只一般的羊,只是北屋子里这位恶毒的女性念过咒的物品 。

He said, "Don't worry. I won't kill you."Then he took another animal and prepared it for the guests, after which he took the little lamb to a good peasant woman and told her everything that he had seen and heard.

因此他说道:“不要怕 ,我不想杀你的。”因此此外换了只羊,宰了给顾客烧菜,然后他把这只小羊牵去赠给一位善心的农家院妇 ,还向她描述了自身的所闻所见。

Now this peasant woman had been the wet nurse for the little sister, and she suspected at once who the little lamb was, and took him with her to a wise woman. The wise woman pronounced a blessing over the little lamb and the little fish, and they regained their human forms. After this she took them both to a little hut in a large forest, where they lived by themselves, contented and happy.

这农家院妇正巧做了小羊的乳妈,她马上猜来到这只羔羊到底是谁,便把它送到女圣人那里去 。女圣人为小羊羔和鱼儿念了一两句符咒 ,他们马上修复了人型。这之后她又把她们俩送到了一座原始森林中的一间小屋子里,此后她们独自一人住在那里,日常生活过得悠闲而欢乐。



安徒生童话的《小羊羔与小鱼儿》的这个故事很简洁明了 ,英语版也非常容易了解,小故事很趣味,尤其是小jj和漂亮小姐姐的会话 ,尽管后妈狠毒 ,但小jj和小姑娘最后在热心人的协助下摆脱后妈的魔抓,过上美好的生活 。这个故事告知大家:我们要真心实意的看待大家身边的人,不必对身边的人存在危害的心理状态 ,自身的幸福快乐的努力去争得而不是夺走他人的幸福快乐才能够获得欢乐,而大家还要坚信善人是有好报的。